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West Berkshire Local Involvement Networks (LINks)

Everyone wants good health and social care. We all have views on how to stay healthy and about how health services could be changed or improved to meet our needs, our families’ needs, and those of our community. We also have ideas about improvements we would like in social care services. Now a new body has been set up to make sure that people can help change health and social care. You can have a say in how the health and social care system can be improved for the future.

The LINk (local involvement network) is funded by the NHS through Westberks Council and its main function is to investigate and report on NHS and caring problems. It has Statutory ‘enter and view’ rights to do this.

The West Berkshire Local Involvement Networks(LINks) gives the local people a voice in the decisions that affect health and social care. If you would really like to change things in health and social care please contact us.

You can visit the West Berkshire LINks website at www.westberkshirelinks.com