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 Hampstead Norreys Parish Council

The Parish Council consists of six Councillors and there is one current vacancy.
We are looking to co-opt another Councillor. Some Councillors are elected, and some co-opted. The Clerk is employed by the Parish Council.  

Councillors are usually elected for a four year term, the last election being in 2015. At election time, and also annually, the Councillors sign an Acceptance of Office form and an agreement to the Code of Conduct.

The Clerk is the main point of contact at all times and attends the bi-monthly meetings. 

There are usually meetings held in May, July, September, and November, January and March.  These are held in the Village Hall Memorial Room.  In April the Parish Council hosts the Annual Parish Meeting when all electors in the village are very welcome. Electors are also welcome at bi-monthly meetings and can speak in the Open Session time. 

Agendas for all Meetings are displayed on the Parish Council Notice Board and are available on this website. 

Planning meetings are held when the clerk has received notification from West Berkshire Council, and a date can be arranged to meet in the Memorial Room. Please look at the notice board or contact the clerk by e-mail

Your Council has a diversity of responsibilities including allotments, planning, financial support towards the graveyard maintenance and the routine maintenance of Dean Meadow.

Guidelines have been issues for the application of grants to the Parish Council, by village organisations.  These Guidelines can be reviewed here.